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Dear creatives,

In these days as we all struggle inside our houses and working on our future projects, we also should think how we promote and fund our projects to get them done and to become successful.

Even if I have tried to launch this project in the past couple of times, there is actually no better time to start it up than now. We all are in this turbulance period together and there is no better community around the world than creatives. We can make the change.

London Creative Lab brings the solution to your struggling. No matter what art you do. If you belong among creatives in music, film, writting industry we can try to help you to finish and promote your project.

London Creative Lab.net is exciting project connecting all creative people around the world. You don’t have to be based in London to become a member. London is a great place where project like this could start and help all creatives with their projects.

British music leads charts around the world. It makes sense that London is the best place where you should be if you want to break free with your music. Even if most film productions are concentrated in Hollywood, Bollywood or Barrandov, London Creative Lab.net brings the opportunity to change this concentration and become the right place where you will start your audiovisual project.

„I created London Creative Lab for all creatives. Photographers, Filmmakers and their crew, Musicians, Models, Actors, Actresses, Writers and another proffesionals they need to cooperate with each other. I visited few meetups in London for music, for filmmakers and I realised how many people have one common issue. They are all struggling with creating of their creative projects, to find the right people, rent an expensive studio, equipment and much more.“

„I believe that London Creative Lab will be supporting the best films, series, music or books in the world not just with our marketing channels but also financialy. If you like what I am going to do for you, I look forward to see you as a member. Remember, when you join, you don’t support us, you support yourself, your art, because we can help you to get it done or promote it.“

Make the change now

Follow our facebook group and twitter, YouTube and instagram. Don’t miss anything we can do for you. Do you have any article about your latest art release or do you want to say anything interesting? Send it to us and we will publish it for free. Are you an journalist and you would like to write for us about culture as a volunteer? Let us know via social networks or via email support (at) londoncreativelab (dot) net.

Let’s build the best creative place in the world!

with best regards

Lord Charles

founder London Creative Lab.net

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