Tiziano Guardini Brings Light Into The Fashion

Tiziano Guardini is well known as the winner of the prestigious first edition of “The Green Carpet Fashion Awards” in 2017 and has since become a driving force in the process toward a more sustainable fashion.

For his SS20 collection, Atlantis, he found inspiration in the marine world, presenting women styled as dancing mermaids. Stripes made of nylon retrieved from abandoned nets combined with other fabrics to create the amazing waves of the skirts while lead-free Swarovski adorned the top part of the dresses, lightening the drawings by Luigi Ciuffreda. The collection, as the title implies, suggested a reflection about the risks of breaking the balance between mankind and nature, but focused on positive feelings and on the hope of a restored harmony, as typical for Tiziano Guardini.

With his AW20 collection the Italian designer further explores the idea of a search for harmony, imagining a woman who goes back to her roots. She goes back to the woods surrounding her childhood home to reconnect with nature and to the precious jacquard wallpapers and memories preserved in the house to find her past.

And this past materializes in the clothes. It shows in the coats, trousers and dresses made with Cerruti´s traditional chequered wool fabrics and jacquards, spreading a feeling of cosiness and setting a vintage mood. It also comes to life in the tailored coats made with the precious soprarizzo velvet fabrics produced by the Venetian weaver Tessiture Bevilacqua; the ancient red Persian Lions pattern on the fancy short coat taking one on a journey back to the glorious past of Venice with all its resonances.

As for the relationship with nature, Tiziano Guardini has been particularly fascinated by the latest works of the post-feminist artist Kiki Smith, recently shown in an exhibition at Palazzo Pitti in Florence. In her latest work Kiki Smith focuses on an ancestral and mystic femininity and its connection with the animal and natural world. Throughout her whole career she has been on a journey in search for harmony, convinced that things are erroneously presented as a dichotomy, a vision that clearly resonates with Tiziano Guardiniʼs one.

This inspiration has thus resulted in a series of headpieces and accessories that enrich the collection with a touch of mystery and spirituality. The artworks, produced in collaboration with Luigi Ciuffreda and Alice Barki, are made of colourful upcycled Swarovski and 3D printed recycled plastic. They are to be seen as animal totems, ready to give a guidance and protection. They represent hummingbirds, howls, foxes, dragonflies, etc. and are charged with specific meanings and “powers”.

As expected, Tiziano Guardiniʼcommitment to sustainable fashion shows. Beside using recycled or upcycled materials and favouring sustainable productive processes, he makes a point of giving details about those who are behind the clothes. The pieces will be sold with a label naming the artisans behind them thus answering the “Who made my clothes” question. He also chooses to a large extent to cooperate with local companies so to reduce the impact on the environment due to transport and to support local communities.

On the whole, Tiziano Guardini´s AW collection seems to be an invitation to get rid of artificiality and get back home to one´s roots, re-establishing harmony with one´s most true identity and with nature. It seems to be an invitation, as the title Be light suggests, to refrain from burdening on the world with one´s heavy steps but also to be positive and bright, maybe just like a colourful Swarovski embellished totem hummingbird.

Written by Sara Gilardi: Instagram
Photography by Tiziano Guardini
About the author: London Creative Lab
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