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Become acquainted with creative people from around the world at London Creative Lab. We connect people like you; you don’t have to be based in London to get involved.

Promote upcoming projects and find the people who can help make you a success; there’s no better time than now to make a change by navigating this turbulent period with others.

The solution to your struggles, London Creative Lab helps you connect with other creatives – including musicians, film makers and writers – because after all, some of the biggest creative projects start in London.

British music tops charts around the world – and while film productions are made in Hollywood, Bollywood or Barrandov, London Creative Lab gives you the chance to change all that by kickstarting your project right here in the capital.

So, if you’re ready to cooperate with others, join our meet-up, find the right people and discover what we do.
At London Creative Lab, we believe that our support will help you market yourself.

Go on; support yourself and reap the financial rewards.

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Music isn’t just fun; being a professional musician can be hard – especially when you want to create your own music. Find your band, record your music and promote it with us.


Stop your struggle to make your new film. We can help you find your team, your locations and get the neccesary funding you need to make it.


There are a lot of opportunities for photographers in our community. Every artist needs great pictures. Why not take them and help kickstart their career?

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Tolkien spent years penning Lord of The Rings – and he did it while he was working. We make it easy for you to publish your own book, so chat to London Creative Lab for more information.



No matter what you design, you are more than welcome to join our friendly community. If you’re a fashion designer, specifically, you can find the right people to help your venture grow.



Dive into journalism and learn how to be great at the profession, writing about artists for our magazine or penning press releases for them – and get paid.