Scottish electro duo Dohnavùr released You Can and You Shall album

Scottish electro dua Dohnavùr have released its first album called “You Can and You Shall”. The range of styles on the album vary from out and out ambient, scratchy lo-fi, 80s acid house and 90s techno.

The modular sketches were so inspiring that Fra used over 20 samples across the 9 tracks that make up their debut album, “You Can and You Shall”, at his newly opened Werra Foxma Studio in Armadale, West Lothian. Fra would take the individual samples and build full tracks around them using Logic Pro, and heavily using a DSI Prophet rev 2 and Korg MS200b, in addition to heavy usage of legacy synths from the Roland Cloud, including TB303, Juno 106 and Jupiter 8.

The album features spoken word and vocal contributions from Australian synth-pop artist Tegan Northwood, New Zealand electronica poet Miss Leading, Kris Renji, vocalist from Scottish rock band Ikari, and Edinburgh solo artist/poet Bryce Kitcher. Remixes come from Changeling, Mike K Smith, A+B and an in-house remix from Werra Foxma.

You Can And You Shall album cover, Dohnavùr

Dohnavùr are a 2 piece electronic band from the Lothians, Scotland, consisting of Alasdair (Ali) O’May and Frazer (Fra) Brown, and have been active since mid 2019. They first met through the Electronic Music Open Mic scene in 2017 throughout the EMOM nights, hosted by Martin Christie, while playing in their respective bands; Ali playing keyboards for Number Stations, and Fra with his band the Alphabox.

The inspiration for Dohnavùr came from the freeform modular experiments Ali had been creating in his home studio in Haddington, East Lothian. In the summer of 2019, Ali handed Fra a pen drive full of modular samples, with the hope that Fra could possibly use them as the basis for a one-off track just for fun.

You Can and You Shall will also be additionally released and distributed via Finland’s Kahvi Collective, one of the world’s oldest and most established virtual labels, with the album slated for release in the summer of 2020.

Written by Dohnavùr,

Photo by Dohnavùr

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